The CrowdEngineering CrowdForce platform is built on proprietary and patented technology. It is a multi-tenant, high performance application written in C++ and runs on a Unix/Linux platform. We believe in Service-Oriented Architecture and all our services are addressable by other applications on the Internet and by applications behind the firewall. We utilize standard language APIs and protocols.

CrowdForce comes with an intuitive and easy-to-learn GUI modelling tool that allows our customers to build and deploy applications "in-house" themselves - reducing the cost and complexity of external vendors.

You will be able to create crowd-powered processes and align them with business logic/legacy business operations. The output is a machine understandable XML file describing the characteristics of processes, states, transitions, and all the attributes that will be used in the process lifecycle.

Based on a neural network, our core technology powers a Skills-Based Routing system automatically directs each incoming query/assigns each task to the best/most qualified resources available. Our "always learning" solutions transparently match direct inbound service and information queries through knowledge bases, FAQ databases, CRM systems, etc. for continual, iterative improvement, accuracy and currency.

CrowdForce continuously gathers performance data from those engaged users and experts who provide social care, as well as feedback they receive from your customers.

Application Connectors

CrowdEngineering provides out-of-the-box application connectors to integrate with leading enterprise CRM platforms like, SAP, Siebel, Zendesk, others.

If you have custom systems we provide a Software Development Kit to enable the integration.


CrowdForce™ is designed to serve high volume processes involving millions users. That’s why it is scalable, reliable and secure. We meet the strict and demanding requirements of enterprise-class IT operations through essential features like load balancing, failover and disaster recovery. On the security side, access authentication and authorization are part of our standard offering along with support for standard security protocols such as SSL and TLS, with full support of client/server certificate based authentication.

CrowdForce can be integrated on-premise or is available as an SaaS solution.


Social Customer Service Thru the Power of the Crowd

June 27, 2013

 A recent GigaOM article titled “How can we provide better customer service? Create software that lets customers serve each other” caught our attention Since CrowdEngineering’s focus is providing customer service by customers, for customers”, this article by software analyst Ashley Verrill resonated with us and we were happy to read her conclusion that

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