Listening, engaging and responding quickly to customers is critical for all retailers, even more critical as more and more customers go online to research and buy, and since the Web has given them more choices for shopping with your competitors.

Loyalty to your brand can be short lived in a price competitive market, especially in today’s economical situation. So, how do you enhance and strengthen your online presence to: create a dialog with your customers, promote new offerings, brainstorm with your customers on new services or products and support them in the various social communication channels that they use every day (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Why Us?

In the age of the Connected Consumer, your customers are extensions of your organization.
Listen and respond to them and they'll be repeat buyers, loyal customers. Treat them right and engage them on social media and you'll find they are willing to provide feedback, help each other, share experiences and recommend your products and services to others.

CrowdEngineering delivers a powerful but easy-to-use Social CRM solution that enables you to leverage your own customer and knowledge bases and enhance existing relationships to improve:

  • Social strategy
  • Customer care
  • Sales

....while improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs


  • Protect your brand, redirect the discussion to your community
  • Improve the customer experience and reduce cost of service
  • Increase your sales channel bandwidth by using the crowd to sell
  • Improves results for multichannel retailing, for all customer touchpoints,
    online and off

Involve customers in the next generation of your offerings and get referrals.


Social Customer Service Thru the Power of the Crowd

June 27, 2013

 A recent GigaOM article titled “How can we provide better customer service? Create software that lets customers serve each other” caught our attention Since CrowdEngineering’s focus is providing customer service by customers, for customers”, this article by software analyst Ashley Verrill resonated with us and we were happy to read her conclusion that

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