Financial Services


In today’s world the vast majority of your clients, investors, prospects and employees are digitally connected and communicate through many channels. Connecting and engaging with them, wherever they communicate is both a business necessity and a technical challenge.

The engagement has many purposes; providing resolution to requests, information on new services, promoting offers, creating online forums for support, surveys, brainstorming, e-learning, and much more.

Where do you start? How do you handle privacy in public forums? What is the operational impact on a social engagement? Should each branch or business unit have its own tactical solution?

These are among the most frequent questions CrowdEngineering and our partners hear from  financial services organizations seeking to "go social."

Why Us?

CrowdEngineering provides a powerful but easy-to-use social CRM solutions that enable you to connect and leverage your own customers, expand your knowledge base and existing relationships to improve:

  • Engagement over Social Media
  • Customer care
  • Sales

....through social care solutions which enhance effectiveness and reduce service costs.

We will work with you to help you develop your initial social strategy or add more value to an existing strategy. 


  • Add to your customer centricity by providing fast and easy resolutions
  • Increase contribution margin per customer
  • Increase & strengthen brand value
  • Increase the levels of trust and loyalty depositors have for your company, services and products


Social Customer Service Thru the Power of the Crowd

June 27, 2013

 A recent GigaOM article titled “How can we provide better customer service? Create software that lets customers serve each other” caught our attention Since CrowdEngineering’s focus is providing customer service by customers, for customers”, this article by software analyst Ashley Verrill resonated with us and we were happy to read her conclusion that

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