CrowdEngineering is proud to work with a select group of trusted world-class partners who provide expert consulting, implementation and integration services to extend our customers' deployments of CrowdEngineering solutions.




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CrowdEngineering is looking for partners who share our mission to on transform companies into social businesses.

When a company becomes a social business it can dramatically improve its dialogue with prospects and customers, while simultaneously improving the overall customer experience.

We help build social businesses through our alliances with a new breed of partners: social strategy advisors, change management and system integrators, as well as value-added experts who specialize in specific industries or vertical markets. 

If you fit that “new breed” profile, and CrowdEngineering’s solutions fit into your offerings, we would love to hear from you! 

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Social Customer Service Thru the Power of the Crowd

June 27, 2013

 A recent GigaOM article titled “How can we provide better customer service? Create software that lets customers serve each other” caught our attention Since CrowdEngineering’s focus is providing customer service by customers, for customers”, this article by software analyst Ashley Verrill resonated with us and we were happy to read her conclusion that

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