About CrowdEngineering

About CrowdEngineering

Founded in 2008 in Italy, CrowdEngineering, Inc. is a leading provider of Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Social Care solutions in Europe & North America.

Through our end-to-end crowdsourcing design, implementation and management platform, CrowdForce,™ CrowdEngineering allows enterprises and public organizations to implement crowdsourcing solutions by directly engaging and leveraging a crowdsourced workforce, while ensuring full integration with legacy platforms, systems, and business processes.

CrowdEngineering serves a growing base of clients and partners in the telecommunications, media, financial, government, and other sectors through operations in North America and Europe.


CrowdEngineering’s mission is to continue to be a leading provider of Social CRM and Social Care solutions for enterprises and public institutions. We are passionate about new opportunities that CrowdForce can enable to help extend and grow your business using social channels and integration with traditional CRM systems.


CrowdForce helps enterprises operate as a "social business" enabling companies to listen, engage, support, and innovate with those that matter most to you: your customers, employees and partners.

Through deployment of CrowdForce you can easily align social business operations with your business strategies and processes, so that you can continuously improve and monitor results, measure and grow your success.

Lauded as a leading vendor for social business solutions by Altimeter Group, Forrester Research and Gartner, Inc., CrowdEngineering fosters value-driven collaboration between customers and enterprises, between citizens and public institutions, researchers and universities.

CrowdForce and CrowdEngineering’s patented system for smart crowdsourcing helps companies evolve beyond internal call centers and outsourcing to more efficient Peer-to-Peer crowdsourcing-- creating business value from managed social media engagement with these benefits:

  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce operating costs (by diverting service queries from higher-cost call centers
  • Introduce social selling as a new channel/medium for sales & marketing
  • Capitalize on the collective intelligence of your employee & customer knowledge base

CrowdEngineering: Socialize It All


Social Customer Service Thru the Power of the Crowd

June 27, 2013

 A recent GigaOM article titled “How can we provide better customer service? Create software that lets customers serve each other” caught our attention Since CrowdEngineering’s focus is providing customer service by customers, for customers”, this article by software analyst Ashley Verrill resonated with us and we were happy to read her conclusion that

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